Dr Wenmin Shi


Associate Chief Physician


Pain Center


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western combined analgesia (acupuncture, floating acupuncture, injection, nerve block, etc.), minimally invasive TCM therapy (needle knife, cutting needle, plucking needle, etc.), as well as soft tissue lysis under image positioning and rehabilitation.


Dr Shi is the vice chairman of the needle knife branch of the Shanghai Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the secretary-general of the pain rehabilitation committee of the Shanghai Rehabilitation Medical Association. He has been working clinically in the Pain Department for nearly 30 years and is the founder of HaiPai Pain Rehabilitation. His expertise is diagnosis and treatment of difficult pain, such as cervical and shoulder pain (cervical vertebral disease, cervical and shoulder syndrome, shoulder inflammation, shoulder sleeve injury), festering bone necrosis, ankylosing spondylitis and so on.