First of all, I wish your hospital greater achievements in medicine! During my mother’s stay in the hospital, Doctor Gao Liangliang and Doctor Rui Xuefei came to ask about my mother every day! They are very kind and their actions made us very happy. I am especially grateful to Dr. Gao. He found a hard object on my mother’s arm. Whenever my mother was not feeling well, I would go to Dr. Gao and Dr. Rui, who always explained to me patiently. Thanks also to the conscientious nurses!

My wife was treated by Dr. Yang for edema of the leg. Her condition improved after only three months. Last year I suffered a kidney disease attack and came to see Dr. Yang. After consulting with him and taking Chinese medicine, I am no longer suffer from this condition. Dr. Yang is kind to all the patients, even the difficult ones. Other staff of your hospital are also very dedicated, warm and kind. Kaiyuan’s overall quality is very high, is a good hospital. I sincerely thank Kaiyuan and wish Kaiyuan better and better!

Your nurses are sunny, sincere, meticulous, responsible and excellent. Because of my blood coagulation condition, the head nurse personally cared for me. She communicated my condition to each shift and the care was seamless. I am very moved and grateful. Thank you very much for your excellent service.

Over one month since I was admitted, I recovered soon under the good care of all the nurses and doctors. I’m deeply moved by the considerate and careful medical service of your hospital and deeply touched by the meticulous spirit of the nurses. I feel like spending a holiday here. Now I’m good to discharge, and I wish you all best. As an elderly patient, I feel happy and proud to enjoy such medical services.

Since I was admitted to the hospital, the nurses have taken good care of me every day and my condition is much better. I would like to give special praise to the head nurse, Wu Jingling, who led such an excellent team of nurses. They have a high sense of responsibility for their work and are very warm to patients and their family members. No matter how tired they are, they always smile when they are asked questions.

I came to do postoperative rehabilitation. The physical therapy here is really good. When I was admitted to the hospital, I could hardly lift my left hand. After 4 days of physiotherapy and massage, I can now lift it as high as my right hand. Such a huge improvement is because of the superior therapy I received from rehab technician Chen Xingjie. His skill is superb and his medical ethics of caring for patients is very rare. His benevolence is the spiritual pillar of the patient! Now I have recovered and will be discharged. Thank you very much!